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Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is not only an opportunity for you to meet us, it gives us an invaluable insight to your objectives and is the initial step in brainstorming ideas for your project.

Design Options


We  provide all the information needed to help you to decide how to move forward.

You can choose from one of the following "design options":

  • A detailed plan. This is a a "to-scale", overhead drawing -       showing feature and plant locations, including plant species. 

  • 3-D Artistic impression. This is a "quick sketch" done on tracing paper     overlaid on a photograph showing what the final mature design will     look like.

  • Itemized list of plants for our team to place and plant on site.


Once the "design option" is chosen, the design process begins. This involves a full consultation between you and the designer. Measurement and photographs of the space will be taken and following a  comprehensive email exchange, an agreed design will be finalized.


On your approval of the design we will provide a fully broken down estimate for the project and confirm a start date.

Our estimate covers everything required to complete the installation based on what we can see at the time of our visit. It is impossible to be exact when working with nature. Weather, the conditions of the soil, anything we might need to work around - are all unknown variables. But we promise to work hard, do top line work, and alert you along the way if we are straying far over the estimate - because.......we are GaGa for Gardening!

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