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We don't have a set style because our goal is to make your garden about you. Gardens are very personal and we want to find interesting solutions that fit your needs and aesthetics, while maintaining our objective of using cool plants. For us, cool plants are underused, visually interesting, difficult to find, or simply unusual or unexpected. Our preference is to pick the right plant for the conditions to avoid problems like illness, disease, or overgrowth. Our maintenance philosophy errs on the side of a plants' natural form. 



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Owner / Garden Designer

Michelle Meyer

Michelle finds enormous satisfaction in creating beautiful gardens for her clients to enjoy in all four seasons.  Her Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon informs her design work and enforces themes of texture, motion, and color that are anchored by stark, bold statements. 

Head Gardener / Garden Designer 

Heidi Hollinsworth

Heidi studied plants in the Landscape Horticulture program at South Seattle College.  Her previous work at Chihuly Garden and Glass taught her to see plants as art and to find the beauty in all seasons. Heidi also manages projects including seasonal container refreshment, the nursery, and the website. 


Gardener / Stone Mason 


Juan has over 10 years of experience in residential gardens, and a previous background in orchard and farmwork. He is a big-picture gardener and is especially skilled in renovation work. Juan is valued on our team for his strength and his problem-solving acuity. 


Gardener / Stone Mason


Nemesio came to us with five years of experience in stoneworking. His skills and knowledge as a stone mason enable us to build more interesting projects. Nemesio is a knowledgeable and well-rounded gardener, and he assists with seasonal displays.




Crystal has an associates degree in Greenhouse Nursery Management. She grew up in the Idaho wilderness and has a deep appreciation of native plants and ecosystems. This background makes her a thoughtful and holistic gardener.




Abbie is a PNW native with an associates degree in landscape design from Edmonds Community College. Her love of nature and background in design fuels her passion to connect others to nature - through healthy, beautiful outdoor spaces.

We  are always interested in receiving applications from people wanting to join our team. Well qualified applicants should contact us with full details by email.

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