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Yearly, seasonal, or more frequent visits. We do everything but lawns! (and very big trees). Gardening GaGa! offers a full range of services that can be customized to meet your needs and fit your budget. 

  • Scheduled landscape maintenance

  • One-time clean ups

  • Landscape renovation

  • Seasonal container refreshment

  • Home sale staging


Everything we design we can install on your site. Sometimes we use contractors for special projects. We can install plants at any time of year; summer planting does depend on your threshold for watering. We are also available to install plans made by other designers. We do not install irrigation, lighting, or fences. 


Gardening GaGa! was born of a love for crazy cool plants. We consider the color, shape, size, and texture of plants in all seasons: their flowers, leaves, stems, berries, seeds, and fruits. We want interaction between plants, as well as with other features in your garden, like sculptures, containers, or the color of your house. Color is key to seeing 4 or more seasons in a garden.  We strive to create beautiful and unique spaces that make both functional and horticultural sense. 

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is an opportunity to learn your objectives and determine the scope and scale of your project. We specialize in customizing the design process for your needs. 

Design Process

For many designs, especially renovations and small gardens, our design approach is digital or hand-drawn sketches overlaid a photo, with included plant lists and information. We find that the 3-D format helps clients to visualize the plan. For large gardens and new builds, we design with a top view perspective.

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Install Process

​Over email, we communicate with you and update the design with your feedback. Upon your design approval, we send a comprehensive estimate for materials and labor. Set bids are not possible; our estimate covers everything required to complete the installation based on what we can see and know at the time of our visit. ​ We can break large projects into phases to accommodate budgets and timing.​ After you sign the estimate, we confirm a start date and begin gathering materials for your project. We will update you with any changes and as the installation moves from phase to phase. 

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