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Once you have your final design completed we will get your installation date on the calendar. The site will need to be prepped —which means everything needs to be removed that you don’t want in your new garden. The soil will need amending, too. Any hardscaping you want done needs to come in first. Then comes the planting. 


Once you have your site planted, watering will be your number one focus. New plants need lots of water to get established. That is why, in our area, fall is the best time to plant. The soil is still warm for good root growth but the rain will inevitably set in with regularity and help you with the watering. That being said, unless the ground is frozen, we can plant!


Maintenance of newly planted gardens is key, too. There is no such thing as a maintenance free garden. Especially new ones. We have just turned up the soil and added nutrition. EVERYTHING is going to grow! Weeds compete for water and soil nutrition — keeping them away from new plantings will ensure quicker growth and filling in of the plants you want.

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