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Thinking about the birds

A benefit of having a garden that I especially love in the winter is the birds it attracts. In order to keep them around all winter, I chose to take a light tough in my garden – and if allowed, in the gardens I work in. Leaving perennials with seed heads up into mid- December will provide f odor for the birds as other food sources diminish. I leave deciduous grasses up until January or early February. Besides the seed heads on the plumes, they still provide beautiful movement in all our fall and winter winds. I also like to leave a light amount of fallen leaves in the open areas of my beds. This encourage earth worm activity, provides a nesting place for butterfly pupa and shelters all kinds of life that the birds will come looking for. Besides that, the fallen leaves often hold their color well into winter, which is a lot more attractive than bare, wet ground. And it helps the nutritional value of your soil. WIN! WIN! In January, right before the bulbs start to push we rake them up, apply compost if needed and get the party started for another heathy, luscious year in the garden.

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