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Have you decided to cut down on soda and drink more water but wish you could give your plain water a little pep? Maybe you could try infused waters. This can be as simple as muddling mint in your drinking water or adding slices of fruit and you can even grow your own ingredients. Herbs such as mint, basil and cilantro are always great to have on hand (or in your garden) and they are easy to grow and take very little space. Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries are also easy to grow – think you don’t have enough space? Try them in a container. There are now many new varieties of fruit bushes and trees that have been specifically bred for containers and small urban gardens.

NOTE: We can help you plant some herbs or choose herbs and fruits that will be suitable for your garden and needs.

TIP: Plant Oregano and Mint in containers. These plants spread by rhizomes and can become a problem to control if planted directly in the ground.

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