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Art and the garden or as we say "Garden Art".


What is a garden?

It can be different thinks to different people. A few definitions we have come across are:


- "A piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables".

- "An arrangement of living material that is cultivated for food".

- "A yard or lawn".

- "A fertile, well-cultivated region".

- "A planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature".

- "A piece of land next to and belonging to a house, where flowers and other plants are grown, and often containing an area of grass."

There must be many more definitions and all of them apply in some shape or form. We think a garden should work as an extension of the house practically and visually. All gardens have one piece of artwork to consider, that is the house itself. Working the garden around the house is one of our first considerations.  The 2 need to relate! Also, there will be existing paths, steps, and driveways.


Then there is the trees, shrubs, perennials etc. When it comes to planting, a garden should be more than a collection of individual plants, however, successful or interesting the plants may be in themselves. It is plants more than anything else, which will transform a two-dimensional garden plan into three-dimensional reality.


Garden Art. Choosing Garden Art  is not a matter of dotting reproduction statues around the available space with no regard for the overall design. In this situation, the eye becomes confused and restless, which is the opposite effect we want. A piece of Garden Art should either draw the eye to a single point, the visual focus of the garden, or it should give a pleasant surprise as it suddenly becomes visible half hidden in the foliage. there are many things to be considered when choosing a piece for the garden. 


We at Gardening GaGa! believe a garden isn't just for flowers and plants and isn't complete without some kind of Garden Art. This can be metal, wooden, glass, stone, concrete etc. It is most important to select the right piece and make sure it is located and positioned properly. There's more to being a garden designer than putting together a pleasing combination of plants in a border.


If you are interested in having some Garden Art as part of you garden then we would love to help. As a starting point see below some examples of how we have use Garden Art.


Our Designer Choices:

Sarah Lavin

Jan Hoy

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